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О себе

Hello everyone!

My name is Marat, and my whole life I dreamed of living in Italy!

I have always specialized in the late antiquity to the early Renaissance period. And now it helps me a lot when I conduct tours in Naples, Florence, Bologna, Milan and Venice.

But the specifics in cities like Rome are a little different. Here you will find numerous monuments from Roman Imperial times, mixed with many famous palaces and fountains of the 15th-18th centuries. So lovers of archeology, architecture and the arts of any era will have a lot to see in Italy and, in most cases, discover something for themselves for the first time. I am always happy to show you lesser-known sites and villas scattered throughout the countryside — at a considerable distance from the big cities.

In the cities themselves, I will gladly take you to interesting buildings and quarters built in more modern times. I will even show you examples of contemporary Street Art trends, thus trying to give you the most complete picture of everyday life in these sunny lands.